June 2017 Outing

Finally, we have a June outing! As you know if you were at the meeting that we had tried to arrange a “super” outing for June, but alas that has fallen through. However in keeping with our focus on Northampton we will tour Mr. Fun’s. Most of you know of it but have never been there. We will not only see the inside, but will get the low down on how the business fared during the many ups and downs in the economy, the history of the business and of the building that it now occupies.
We want to mention that on Fri June 23rd and Sat the 24th they will have and “Indoor Yard Sale” as they need to reduce some of their inventory to make room for incoming merchandise. Although attending the Yard Sale will let you see the inside of the store before our visit, it would be a great opportunity to pick up on some neat stuff at a good price.
We have to change the order of things for this one. Lunch first, then the tour. We will have lunch at Emidio’s, corner of Bath and State at 11:30. Since it will be lunch time I would expect a little delay in getting our meals out. This is a link to their lunch menu http://www.emidioandsons.com/emidioa…/CF.Lunch_Specials.html
Our tour is set for June 26 1:00 at Mr. Funs, 4130 State Rd Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio
Remember, if you have an NHS tee shirt, be sure to wear it.
If you could let us know if you’re planning to join us it