November 2019 Meeting

A reminder that our Annual Members Meeting will this coming Mon. November 18, 2019, at the Old Northampton Town Hall, 851 W. Bath Rd; CFO; STARTING AT 5:30 PM with a social hour. The meeting will start at 6:30 pm. PLEASE ATTEND


.The meeting is your opportunity to share your opinion on topics for the future of the NHS. I would greatly appreciate the interest in having someone that has been a long time Northampton resident become a Board Member.

The last election brings in new people into ‘City Hall’ from Ward Eight. The NHS needs to contact the new Councilmen with a positive approach. Ward Eight represents a special history to Cuyahoga Falls of once being a Township. Keeping Northampton’s history and its landmarks need to be preserved in a sensitive approach to maintain the rural character. This can be done by renewing your membership and getting involved with the NHS and becoming one ‘united voice’ in Northampton’s future.