April 2018 Meeting

Northampton Historical Society Meeting

Monday April 22 2019

Old Northampton Town Hall
851 West Bath Road
Cuyahoga Falls OH

Doors open 5:30 for social time and a business meeting.

All Are Welcome

Hands on History

For our April meeting will continue our work session. We have a lot of artifacts, pictures, documents and what-nots that need attention. We will try to have projects that don’t require a lot a skill, just patience. This is a chance to see what goes on behind the scenes of a museum or historical society. Everyone is welcome. You may wish to bring cotton gloves, latex or rubber gloves, magnifier, and reading glasses.

Also, if you haven’t purchased your NHS 50th Anniversary Cookbook, they will be available at the meeting. We may also have a one or two of the Remembrance Day pictures available, and if not, we’ll take orders for the next printing.

We have rescheduled Jerri Holland’s Murder, Mystery and Mayhem in Northampton Township for our May 20th meeting

Visit Us At: www.northamptonhistoricalsociety.com or Northampton Historical Society on Facebook and http://cuyahogavalleyterminal.org/