June 2018 Outing

This year’s outing will be to the Summit County Historical Society’s Perkins Mansion on June 3rd 2018. Some of you may have been there in the past,but times have changed. From the SCHS web site they now have created a unique sensory-filled visit with self-guided tours and new interactive displays – and much more. (Non-flash photography is permitted).
Our tradition for the June outing is to select  another historical society to visit. Before the visit, we eat lunch at a nearby restaurant to enjoy friendship and a good meal. The restaurant visit is optional Рyou meet the NHS group at the Perkins Mansion for the tour..
The lunch location will be the, Akron Family Restaurant, located at 250 W. Market St; Akron, Oh. The restaurant is located just past the W. Market & Maple Street intersection. St Vincent Catholic Church is nearby on the left if you approach from the Downtown Akron.
Coming south towards Downtown, the restaurant is on the right side just past Jessers Auto. PLEASE be at the restaurant between 11:45 am and Noon. Akron Family Restaurant is now one of the favorite locations for some of Akron’s famous people to eat at. We will meet at the Perkins Mansion around 1:30 pm 1:45 pm..
The cost to visit the Perkins Mansion is $8.00 per person. HOWEVER, if 10 members come, the NHS can pay a group rate of $4.00 per person.
After the lunch, to go to the Perkins Mansion, you turn back onto W.Market to Maple by St. Vicent Catholic Church – continue on
through Maple to approach the Copley Rd.
Please come and enjoy something different.